During his mandate as a City Councillor for Riverside in Cardiff, Mohammed was interviewed by BBC Wales on his position with regards to the plotting of the London Stock Exchange. He speaks against the radicalisation of the 3 men from Cardiff involved in the planning of this act of terrorism. They all came from the area in which he was the Councillor for in 2012.

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Community workers need help to stop extremism at grass roots

Reeyad Khan’s Death

In this interview given to BBC News Wales, Mohammed Islam condemns David Cameron’s drone air strike which led to the killing of the young Reeyad Khan. He considers that Cameron has acted without “legal permission” and questions the legal advice that the latter may have received in order to conduct this intervention in a country where the UK didn’t wage war.

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First Flag Raising Ceremony

The event was hosted during Mohammed Islam’s mandate as a Councillor for Cardiff and it marked 40 years of independence for Bangladesh. The video shows highlights of the ceremony and it took place on the 26th March 2011.

Cardiff Community Vision 2004 – 2011

In this video shot for Wales This Week, Mohammed Islam features prominently as the Councillor of Riverside and he speaks on several issues. First and foremost, he speaks against the London underground bombings.

The video also features the community school where Mohammed’s children go to and the values that they are taught therein. Further on, there is some information regarding the introduction of halal food in the food market in Cardiff and how Cardiff AAC was founded to keep young Muslims off the street and off drugs.

Different members of the Muslim community in Riverside speak about the abuse that they face as a result of misconceptions and how they address these issues through the values that they promote through Islam.

Later on, solidarity in action from the Muslim community in Cardiff when an earthquake hit the region of Kashmir.

London Stock Exchange Bombing Plot

In this news report broadcast by Channel 4 regarding the London Stock Exchange bombing plot, Mohammed Islam speaks against the radicalisation that the 2 young men from Cardiff had had during their time in prison.

Further on, another representative of the Muslim community in Wales decries the government’s lack of action, foresight and funds in instituting de-radicalisation programs.