Mohammed Sarul Islam, Your Community Champion!

Mohammed Sarul Islam is an active grass-roots community worker who has served as a Cardiff County Councillor for 8 years and continues to campaign tirelessly to:

  • promote de-radicalisation of young Welsh Muslims
  • strengthen Wales’ economy and culture
  • ensure fair and sustainable local development planning
  • protecting Cardiff’s nightlife economy
  • ensuring weekly waste recycling collections
  • secure a fairer voting system in Wales



Get involved in your community by signing one of these ePetitions.

Mohammed Islam is currently leading the following online petition campaigns through the Welsh Assembly government website:

1. e-Petition: Establish Proportional Representation Voting System for Welsh Local Council Elections.

2. e-Petition: Build an International Mother Languages Monument at Cardiff Bay

3. e-Petition: Rename Cardiff Int. Airport to Princess Diana International Airport